[WTS] League of Legends Level 30 Account (Tons of content)

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    WTS League of Legends Level 30 Account with tons of content Includes : - Level 30 account - 4 rune pages - Silver (1600) ranked solo queue (recieves forum badge and crest upon season 1 completion as a reward) - All champions unlocked except the newest champion as of this post, Skarner - 5800+ IP, 90 RP - Skins include : Samurai Master Yi, Ionia Master Yi Molten Rammus - RUNE LIST *LOTS* Reds : - Attack speed, Armor pen, magic pen, crit chance, physical damage per level, flat physical damage, magic resist per level (all x 9, all tier 3) Yellow : - Attack speed, mp/5 per level, dodge, crit, phys damage per level, flat mp/5, flat phys damage, flat armor (all x 9, all tier 3) Blues : - cooldown per level, phys damage per level, crit, magic resist per level, flat physical damage (all x 9, all tier 3) Quints : - critchance, attack speed, magic pen, health regen, armor pen, move speed (3 of all except only 2 of crit and move speed) Email offers to payoman. Payment must be direct deposit to a bank account, no paypal available, account details will be emailed upon payment being recieved.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.