[WTS] League of Legends EU- West. All Champions, 15 Rune Pages, Tons of Skins

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    Lvl: 30 Rank: Season One (Gold). Season Two(Gold). Champions Owned: 94/94 Skins: Around 50, including rare ones. Rune Pages : 15 Runes Tier 3 : -Marks - Full sets of Attackspeed, AD, MPen, ArPen -Seals - Full sets of Attackspeed, Armor, Mana regen/level, Crit Dmg, Flat mana, Crit Chance, Health per level -Glyphs - Full sets of Attackspeed, Cooldown red/level, Flat CDR, AP/level, Mana per leve, AP flat, Ap per level, Armor, Mr/level, Flat MR - Quintessences - Full sets(3) of Move speed, Armor pen, Flat HP, Flat Mana, Flat AP, Flat Armor, Flat AD, Spellvamp, HP regen, EXP bonus + Many more non-complete sets of tier 3 runes. Find me on : djidjo88 for more information! ---------- Post added 03-15-2012 at 02:16 PM ---------- Looking to sell in to the highest bet. I can provide any kind of additional info and proofs, just ask for it.
Thread Status:
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