Sold [WTS] League of Legends EU lv30 Acc ranked at 1703 elo

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    Yea so. The acc has 51 unlocked champions. 4 different types of full page marks : Attack speed. armor pen. ability power. and magic penetration 5 different types of full page seals : mana regen / level. dodge. crit chance. health regen / level. and armor. 6 different types of full page glyphs : cooldown / level. cooldown. ability power / level. crit chance. magic resist / level. and magic resist. 4 different types of full page quintessences : attack speed. armor pen. ability power / level. and magic pen. I change my password on a monthly basis meaning there`s no possible way anybody else knows my password. I do not flame and I do not leave games so there is 0 chance of account getting banned. In over 1600 games I have disconnected 8 times so that makes for leave % to be at 0.5%. I will NOT give you my email address or my account name for security purposes. Those will be provided only AFTER we arrange a deal and IF you are serious about it. If you are I can provide you with a temporary access to my account to check that everything I say is legit. Special note : Scammers if you try your thing with me you`re gonna waste your time. Since I have written down my secret answer I can get my password reset and get a new password in under 30 seconds. So dont bother wasting both of our times. I will keep this post up for 2 weeks in which anyone interested can auction on my account. The starting bid will be 40 Euro and buyout price is 130 euro. After 2 weeks I will sell the account to the highest bidder and also at any point between the 2 weeks if anyone offer 130 euro the account will be instantly sold. ---------- Post added 06-08-2011 at 06:43 PM ---------- Forgot to mention. As a special buyout I also accept 2x 180 days WoW Europe game time cards. Those combined are worth 130 Euro so if you`re interested to buyout the account at a lower price this is the way. ---------- Post added 06-08-2011 at 06:46 PM ---------- Also if you are interested into using the account we can swap for WoW europe game time, meaning: For each 30days of WoW Europe Gametime I`ll let you have the account for 30 + 15 days.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.