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    League of Legends konto! Selge League of Legends US serverkonto: Level: 30 W: 447 Runes: 2 sider 1. For DPS: 25 rustning penn., 6,4 fysisk dmg to. For hjul: 12 magiske pennen. Champions eid: 30Allistar Amumu Ashe Dr. Mundo Evelynn Fiddlesticks Jax (VandalJax) Kayle Kennen LeBlanc Master Yi Mordekaiser Nocturne (VoidNocturne) Nunu Pantheon Rammus Ryze Shaco svidd Sion SivirTaric Teemo Tryndamere Twisted Fate Udyr Vladimir Warwick(Tundra Hunter Warwick) Xin Zhao Zilean Current IP: 2607 GjeldendeRP: 140 prisen er 40 $, OBO
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