WTS: League of legends (all champions, Plat Division 3, 40+ Skins, Pax Twisted Fate)Middleman Seller Guide

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    This account has all the champions besides quin but there is 14342 IP for you to unlock her with This account has tons of skins INCLUDING THE LIMITED SKIN PAX TWISTED FATE (the skin is 200$ on playerup.com) SKIN LIST: PAX Twisted Fate Nurse Akali Queen Ashe Woad Ashe Amethyst Ashe Artic Warefare Caitlyn UFO Corki Shadow Evelynn Exploerer Ezreal Nottingham Ezreal Bandito Fiddlesticks Gragas, Esq. Jailbreak Graves Blast Zone Heimerdinger Snowmerdinger Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV Victorious Janna Victorious Jarvan IV Vandal Jax Deadly Kennen Prestigious Leblanc Valkyrie Leona Spellthief Lux Sorceress Lux Charred Maokai Sewn Chaos Orianna Perseus Pantheon Molten Rammus Riot Singed Hextech Singed Dryad Soraka Super Teemo Astronaut Teemo Recon Teemo Badger Teemo Tango Twisted Fate Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate Giant Enemy Crabgot Vindicator Vayne Aristocrat Vayne Count Vladimir +more 14 Rune Pages and plenty of runes unlocked : donutsyum post with offers email me with offers (stingness@)
Thread Status:
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