[WTS] League of Legends Acct lvl 30 34 CHAMPS 100+ RUNES

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    Hi, I am selling my League of Legends North American Account. I will list some details about the account, but if you have any questions or offers just post below and I will get in contact with you. Thanks! The 34 Champions: Alistar Ashe Brand Caitlyn Cassiopeia Ezreal Fiddlesticks Gangplank Jax Karthus Katarina Kayle Leona Lux Maokai Nidalee Nunu Olaf Pantheon Renekton Ryze Shaco Shen Singed Sivir Soraka Teemo Trundle Tryndamere Twisted Fate Vayne Veigar Vladimir Xerath The Runes: Marks: Armor Penetration X9 Magic Penetration X9 Physical Damage X9 Seals: Cooldown X9 Mana Regen X9 Armor X9 Health per Level X9 Glyphs: Ability Power X9 Mana Regen X9 Magic Resist X9 Quintessences: Attack Speed X3 Armor Penetration X3 Health X3 Magic Penetration X3 Ability Power X3 Physical Damage X1 Movement Speed X3 I only have 1 skin and it's for Maokai. I also have 90 rp and 1233 ip.
Thread Status:
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