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    Selling League of Legends account: Level: 30 W/L/Lv: 800/739/5(normal games) Rating: 1556(Solo Queue 5v5) W:196 L:161: Lv:3 Top Rating: 1653 Runes: For casters: Magic Pen For Dps: Atk speed, Crit chance + Movement speed quints(3) (gonna post a screenshot with them) Skins owned: Stinger Akali Golden Alistar Nightmare Cho'gath UFO Corky Hot Rod Corky Shadow Evelynn Union Jack Fiddlesticks Hextech Galio Sanguine Garen Kitty Cat Katarina Assasin Master Yi Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Sasquatch Nunu Myrmidon Pantheon King Rammus Badger Teemo Riot Girl Tristana Jack of Hearths(Twisted Fate) Giant Enemy Crabgot(Urgot) White Mage Veigar Urf the Manatee(Warwick). Champions owned: I own all the champions except 7: Taric, Cassiopea, Karthus, Lee sin, Blitzcrank, Trundle, Twitch Current IP: 4300 Current RP: 1 The account didn't get anny warnigs/bans. If you have anny questions.. don't hezitate to ask them. Thank you. spicasaweb.google/113020289168580393084/LoL# (screenshots of my runes)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.