WTS: League of Legends account tons of skins cheap

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    Hi, I'm done with League of legends and would liek to sell my account for 50$ there are tons of skins 5 rune pages its bronxzze 3 at the moment but i have put over 100$ in the account for champions and skins i have uninstalled the game so i can't tell you what skins i have but i can list what i remember, Golden Alistar, Deep Sea Kass, Ravaged Noctourne, October Fest Gragas, Night Blade Irelia, Bioforge Darius,Sherrif Caitlynn, Tango Twisted Fate and the jack of trades skin, Gladiator Draven, Dargon Slayer Vayne, Darkflame Shyvanna, Totem Maokai, Vi's skin, Valkayrie leona, Purple Taric, sona with brown hair skin, these are the skins i can name off the top of my head but there are a few more and sorry if the names aren't all that accurate i tried but there are more champions that dont skins anyways i think 50$ is a fair price and will not go lower thanks. lower the rep means you go first higher or equal i will go first POST HERE and PM my your I'm on allday
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.