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    Level : 30 Normal Games: 180+ wins, good ELO(+30 wins) Ranked Games : 3W 1L(Season II) Champions : Annie Ashe Cho'Gath(Nightmare Cho'Gath) Corki(UFO Corky) Kayle(Judgement Kayle) Master Yi Nidalee(Pharaoh Nidalee) Orianna Ryze Singed Soraka Talon Teemo(Cottontail Teemo) Tristana(Riot Girl Tristana) Tryndamere Twitch(Vandal Twitch) Warwick(Firefang Warwick) Xin Zhao Runes : 3 Pages: 1 Page full(AD runes): Movespeed + 4,5% (Quintessences) Armor Pen. +15(Marks) Dodge +6.8(Seals) Magic Rezist +13(Glyphs) Notes: - The account didn't get any warnings/bans - The account has a very cool name, ever 2-3 games some one will tell you your name is cool - The account has lots of LIMITED EDITION skins - The account still has 243 RP and some IP. - If you want any informations about the account, or to tell me a price you would pay for the account, don't hesitate to PM me! - The account is on EU, N-E, BUT, you can move it for FREE, to the other server (EU, W) (the process usualy costs 2600 RP).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.