[WTS] League of Legends account [70 champions / 46 skins / 900wins / EU west]

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    EDIT3: : nomoreqqbetakeys EDIT2: accepting verified paypal only EDIT: it is EU west 1410 elo 920 wins normal 70 champions skins: stinger akali,crisom akali,pharaon amumu(legacy),emumu,apocalyptic brandm,shadow evelynn,frosted ezreal,bandito fiddle,minuteman gp,comando garen,gragas esg,shadow irelia,infiltratot irelia,dragon slayer jarvan,hardbringer kassadin,judgment kyle,dedly kennen,sonoran kog maw(legacy),dragon fist lee sin,coral reef maphite,shadow prince malzahar,totemic maokai,ionia master yi,waterloo mf,pentakill mord,galactic nasus,french maid nidda,void noc,forsaken olaf,perseus pantheon,galatic renecton,redeemed riven,mad hater shaco,asylum shaco,yellow shen,king trydamere,magnificent tf(legendary),count vladimir,thundra hunter ww,general wukong,battlecast xerath,comadno xin,imperila xin, nightmare cho gat, emerald taric, buthcer urgot rune setup: ad/hp ap/hp crit/ad current currency situation: 264 ip 44 riot pm with offers champs:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.