WTS: League of Legends 90 Champs, Many Legendary, Limited, and retired skins. Silver 3 CRMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Selling a personal League of Legends account. The account has 90 Champs on it. Silver ranked S2 +1400 elo Silver 3 Current season 53 points 16 Rune Pages. All major runes tier 3 Runes 9x of all unless stated or quints Marks Flat Armor Flat Armpen Flat physical Flat Attack speed Flat Crit Hybrid Penetration x7 Flat Magic pen Flat Magic Resist Seals Flat Armor Flat Physical dmg Flat Attack speed Flat Magic resist AP per lvl HP per lvl mp5 per lvl Glyphs Flat AP x3 Flat Armor Flat Physical Dmg Flat Attack speed Flat magic pen x2 Flat magic resist x8 AP per level Scaling magic resist mana per level Quintessences Flat AP Flat Armor Flat ARmor pen Flat Physical Flat Attack speed Flat Crits x2 Gold per 10 HP5 level Movement Speed Has many legendary skins Pulsefire Ezreal Demonblade Tryndamere Corporate Mundo Astronaut Teemo Annie in wonderland Bloodlord Vladimir Limited Edition Riot Graves Riot Nasus Skins Ahri Foxfire Akali Crimson Alistar Unchained Infernal Amumu Phaoroah Annie Goth Panda Wonderland Ashe Woad Queen Blitzcrank Iblitzcrank Brand Vandal Caitlyn Officer Cassieopia Mythic Chogath Nightmare, Battlecast, Prime Diana Dark Valkyrie Mundo Toxic, Mundoverse, Corporate Draven Soul reaver Evelyn Shadow, Masquerade Ezreal Frosted, Pulsefire Gangplank Special Forces Garen Sanguine, Desert trooper, Steel legion Graves Riot Graves Hecarim Bloodknight Irelia nightblade Janna Frostqueen Jarvan Warring kingdoms Jax Vandal Nemesis Karthus Phantom Katarina Sandstorm Kayle Unmasked Battleborn Khazix Mecha Leesin Traditional, Mui tai Leona Iron Solari Lux Steel legion Malphite Obsidian Master Yi Headhunter Morgana Blackthorn Nasus Galactic, Riot Nautilius Subterranean Nidalee Leopard French maid Pharaoh Headhunter Nocturne Frozen Terror, Eternium Nunu Sasquatch Olaf Brolaf, Pentakill Pantheon Full Metal Poppy Noxus Rengar Headhunter Riven Redeemed, Crimson Elite Ryze Dark crystal Shen Frozen Yellow Jacket Shyvana Darkflame Singed Augemented Sivir Spectacular Soraka Divine Swain Tyrant Talon Dragonblade Taric Emerald Teemo Astronaut Tristana Riot Girl, Firefighter Tryndamere Demonblade Twitch Vandal Udyr Blackbelt Vayne Heartseeker Vi NeonStike Vladimir Bloodlord Warwick Tundra hunter, Feral Wukong General Xin Zhao Winged Hassar, warring kingdoms Zed Shockblade Ziggs Mad scientist Zilean Time Machine Zyra Wildfire
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