[WTS] League of Legends 30 lvl USMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Hey guys, I have another acc that i can sell, that's it. Account have 464 RP and 499 IP and 30lvl. I would like 22$ for it on Paypal. Here the champions and skins: Champions Owned - Skins Alistair - no skin Ashe - no skin Brand - no skin Cho'gath - no skin Dr. Mundo - Corporate legendary Fiddlesticks - no skin Gangplank - no skin Garen - no skin Jarvan IV - no skin Jax - Angler and Vandal Kennen - Deadly Kog'Maw - Sonoran Malzahar - Shadow Prince Master Yi - no skin Mordekaiser - Infernal Nasus - no skin Nunu - no skin Olaf - no skin Pantheon - no skin Ryze - no skin Shaco - Royal Sion - no skin Sivir - no skin Tryndamere - no skin Twisted Fate - no skin Twitch - Gangster Urgot - no skin Veigar - Greybeard
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.