[WTS] League of Legends - 1453 ELO Account ~!CHEAP!~

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    Hello all, I am selling a League Of Legends account in NA Account Name will be revealed via email or upon request. Account Solo Queue ELO: 1450 - SILVER Account's Current IP: 12027 Account's Current RP: 0 Champion's Owned: Amumu Cho'Gath Fizz Gangplank Gragas Graves Irelia Jarvan IV Kayle Kennen Lee Sin Nidalee Riven Shyvana Sion Sivir Swain Talon Tristana Twisted Fate Vladamir Xerath Runes Owned: Tier 3 9 Flat Physical Damage Marks 9 Flat Armor Seals 9 Flat Magic Resist Glyphs 3 Flat Armor Penetration Quintessences 2 Flat Health Quintessences 1 Flat AP Quintessence Times Banned: Never Ranked Stats: Season 2 Only Current ELO: 1450 Highest ELO Achieve'd: 1465 Payment Accepted and Contact Info I will available for contact through email via darknessboi , PM on this website, or through via AdolfHitherAllDay Payment Accepted will be by either Paypal or RP via Prepaid cards, I am open to any other ideas you may want to pay by, though I might not agree. This'll be a bidding thread for the most part. Current Offer: // Auto Win: $100 USD or When I feel like it Minimum Increase Per offer: $5 USD SCREENSHOTS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.