WTS: League of legend US account , 112 champs , 113 skins, Gold ranking

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    lvl 30 112 champs 113 skins 1300 normal wins division gold 5 14 runes pages : Overlordbasterd Selling to best offer in the next 24 hours *money only , by paypal (as gift)* I am open to use a middle man legendary skins (ezreal, kayle ,tryndamere, chogath , Corki , vladirmir,teemo,olaf ) Holyday skin Christmas: (Gankplank, veigar , fiddlestick , leblanc and more ) Halloween (twistedfate , Hecarim, nocturne and more) Marks: 9xArmor 9xphysical dmg 9xattack speed 9x crit chance 1xcrit dmg 9x physical/magic penetration 9x magic pen Seals: 9xAbility power 1x physical dmg 9x attack speed 10x crit chance 9x gold per sec 9x mana regen 9x health at lvl 18 9x health regen at lvl 18 9x mana regen at lvl 18 Glyph 9xability power 4xattack speed 9xcooldown 1xcrit chance 5xmana regen 1xphysical dmg at 18 Quintessences: 3x 1.9 magic pen 4x ability power 2x armor 3x armor pen 3x attack speed 3x crit chance 3x gold per 10 3x 26 health 3x life steal 2x magic resist 3x mana 3x move speed 3x spellvamp skins: 1-pheonix quinn 2-debonair jayce 3-foxfire ahri 4-stinger akali 5-blood moon akali 6-noxus hunter anivia 7-hextech anivia 8-goth annie 9-woad ashe 10-boom boom blitzcrank 11-piltover costums blitzcrank 12-cryocore brand 13-battlecast prime cho'gath 14-red baron corki 15-dragonwind corki 16-lord darius 17-toxic dr.mundo 18-soul reaver draven 19-pulsefire ezreal 20-fiddle me timbers 21-royal guard fiora 22-head mistress fiora 23-fisherman fizz 24-special forces gankplank 25-sanguine garen 26-dreadknight garen 27-rugged garen 28-steel legion garen 29-hillbilly gragas 30-mafia graves 31-headless Hecarim 32-nightblade irelia 33-frostblade irelia 34-tempest janna 35-Commando Jarva IV 36-Dragon slayer Jarva IV 37-Warring kingdoms Jarva IV 38-nemesis jax 39-mistletoe leblanc 40-toy soldier Gank plank 41-Dark candy fiddlesticks 42-bad santa veigar 43-Underworld Twisted fate 44-full metal jayce 45-traditional karma 46-grim reaper karthus 47-harbinger kassadin 48-judgment kayle 49-aether wing kayle 50-deadly kennen 51-mecha kha'zix 52-monarch Kog'maw 53-prestigious leblanc 54-traditional lee sin 55-acolyte lee sin 56-dragon fist lee sin 57-muay thai lee sin 58-obsidian malphite 59-glacial malphite 60-overlord malzahar 61-haunted maokai 62-assassin master yi 63-chosen master yi 64-headhunter master yi 65-secret agent miss fortune 66-infernal modekaiser 67-galactic nasus 68-dreadknight nasus 69-french maid nidalee 70-frozen terror nocturne 71-haunting nocturne 72-demolisher nunu 73-glacial olaf 74-brolaf 75-myrmidon pantheon 76-glaive warrior pantheon 77-scarlet hammer poppy 78-galactic renekton 79-bloodfury renekton 80-headhunter rengar 81-redeemed riven 82-battle bunny riven 83-championship riven 84-royal shaco 85-yellow jacket shen 86-blood moon shen 87-warlord shen 88-boneclaw shyvana 89-darkflame shyvana 90-hextech singed 91-augmented singed 92-warmonger sion 93-spectacular sivir 94-tyrant swain 95-dragonblade talon 96-astronaut teemo 97-king tryndamere 98-demonblade tryndamere 99-gangster twich 100-primal udyr 101-blight crystal varus 102-arclight varus 103-dragonslayer vayne 104-veigar greybeard 105-marquis vladimir 106-blood lord vladimir 107-feral warwick 108-hyena warwick 109-general wukong 110-commando xin zhao 111-viscero xin zhao 112-warring kingdoms xin zhao 113-shockblade zed Screenshots : s21.postimg.org/haujmnv7b/image.jpg postimg.org/image/nr6yk8e95/ postimg.org/image/ghjyrgno5/ postimg.org/image/wq2movl1 postimg.org/image/5lbv2savh/ - - - Updated - - - Price fixed to 250$ negociable - - - Updated - - - Price fixed to 250$ negociable
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