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    WTS: League account This account is my smurf account it is lv 15 with a 2 win loss ratio(so 70 to 30) i know no one really wants a lv 15 account. i only have 7 champs and everything else is all ip. I really don't care if way the offer is but i would like to make 7 off it. the champs are as follows elise diana garen ashe gragas poppy and yi also when refunds come back you will have 2 more left message me at [email protected] (paypal only) - - - Updated - - - now lv 16 WTS: Lvl 30 account, no ranked stats, no elo, 15 champs, 2 rune pages (tiers 3), 400 RP! Hello everyone, I'm selling a level 30 account, there is no elo yet so you can have a fresh start! I sell at very low price, if interested, message me or reply here, thank you :) WTS: lol acc lvl 30 east Hello guys , i am selling my lol account lvl 30 with 63 champions and 50 skins with 2 rune pages and 392 rp on it . skins : midnight ahri frostfire annie amethyst ashe cryocore brand officer caitlyn Mythic Cassiopeia lord darius soul reaver draven surprise party fiddlestecks nightraven fiora tyndra fizz and fisherman fizz spooky gangplank , minuteman gangplank and sailor gangplank hillbilly gragas , gragas esq reaper hecarim nightblade irelia angler jax full metal jayce deep one kassadin mercenary katarina prestigious leblanc traditional lee sin dragon fist lee sin chosen master yi infernal morderkaiser galactic nasus pharaoh nidalee frozen terror nocturne ravager nocturne glacial olaf glaive warrior pantheon chrome rammus mad hatter shaco royal chaco barbarian sion riot girl tristana king tryndamere viking tryndamere demonblade tryndamere blight crystal varus aristocrat vayne blood lord vladimir northern strom volibear hyena warwick volcanic wukong imperial xin zhao mad scientist ziggs Pics : s1.directupload/file/d/3057/c6n6hxpo_jpg.htm s7.directupload/file/d/3057/n7ckrgof_jpg.htm s14.directupload/file/d/3...ofy6tq_jpg.htm I am not scammer or something like that i will just sell my account ,...
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