[WTS] League Account 1720 ELO And 1k Normal Wins

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    934 Normal Wins 220 Ranked Wins / 154 Loses 66 Champions Bought Only Missing 7ish 1721 Elo Solo Q 1508 5v5 Premade Search up Permm in game for addition information Runes 10 Pages For Runes Marks 9x attack speed 9x flat hp 9x crit dmg 9x crit chance 9x armor pent 9x magic pent 9x flat ap Glyphs 9x ap per level 9x flat hp 9x crit dmg 10x flat ap(dont ask why i have 10) 9x 2.7 MR at level 18 1x physical dmg 0.28 Seals 9x attack speed 9x 1.2 mana regen at level 18 9x dodge 9x cirt dmg 1x 21 mana at level 18 9x crit chance 9x flat ap 9x mana regen (flats) 9x health per level Quints 3x attack speed 3x armor pent 3x flat hp 3x crit dmg 3x crit chance 3x flat AP Skins- Nidalee - French Maid And Leopard Corki - UFO Corki Eve - Masquerade Eve Fiddlesticks - Spectral Fiddlesticks Garen - Desert Trooper Garen Irelia - Nightblade Irelia Jarvan - Commando Jarvan Kennen - Karate Kennen Lee Sin - Traditional Lee Sin Morgana - Blade Mistress Morgana Rammus - Molten Rammus Shaco - Mad Hatter Shaco Tryndamere - Highland Tryndamere TF - Jack Of Hearts TF Warwick - Firefang Warwick Contact Xfire Vent - vent10.light-speed 9570 Skype - JoshMcKinnon BTW: Im perm from the original bNasty back in 2009 for those who remember me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.