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    EDIT: ACCOUNT SOLD selling my account on retail server Perento. Ranger is on the Elyos side and it's a female. Account have 17 months of Veteran Reward and it's a Collector Edition. I'm the owner and founder of the account. Have all keys, PIN's, logins, passwords etc. The account includes L55 Ranger (Main) & L55 Gladiator (Alt) Ranger items: - Miragnet LongBow +10 merged with LVL50 AP bow (+10% PVP bonus) - Full LVL 50 Elite AP Set (All parts are +10) Socketed with +HP stones for pvp - Full LVL 55 Accessory Set - Storm Wings & Noble Chief Operative's Wings (the one purchased from the Daily Quest NPC) Other Sets - Full Miragent Set, socketed with +attack for PVE - Full LVL 40 Elite AP Set, can be used for magic resistence or magic accuracy set - Fire Resistence Set (For DP S-Rank) - StormWing's Jerkin Items on account - 21mil Kinah - 96 Plat Medal - 109 Gold Medal - 279 Silver Medal - 64 Radiant Token (PVP Daily Token) - 171600 AP worth of AP relics - Plastic Surgey Ticket (to change the look of ur char) - fair amount of consumables (Pots, scrolls, food, etc..) - fair amount of craft materials Gladiator Items: Gladiator is Female Elyos on perento. the gladiator is not good geared i lvled it for fun attaching her stats & gear in case any1 is interested if u need any more info, PM me. Planning to sell the account cheap & fast, Whisper me Serious Offers only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.