[WTS] L55 Elyos Sorc - Telemachus - Master Tailor with designs

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    After one year of playing and Aion fun I decided to stop playing, rather than seeing my work go to waste I’m going to sell my account. And here comes what makes my account so nice. I’m a crafter, I got master tailoring (506p) 4/5 designs for the best pve armour ingame (shoes already made and maxed out, missing the gloves design) and lots of materials ready waiting to be crafted. Also I have a lot of less valuable designs, that are still good money makers, get the mats for nearly nothing out of broker, craft for an hour sell at an npc. Tata 20kk kinah gained. I’ll mail all my tricks and tips to the person who buys my account. Also I maxed out gathering and aether gathering. So you can make any item in game by morphing or gather it from the plant, or just sell the aether. It’s a good money.vs.work thing to do. Item index: Every possible flux is in the warehouse. When you craft something usually the problem is the flux not the other materials. (if you want details about the fluxes just ask) I am to lazy to write all the names down but all important fluxes are there +10 something. The 2 sorc stigma paths are unlocked wintry(100%) and glacial missing a few thousands of AP. In case you want to build up some pvp armor I have golden medals and silver medals. Lot of skins are in the WH, raiment's of mastery = the skin only master crafter can wear and therefore a pretty unique one. The toad skin from earlier event. The “hot bikini skin” and the shugo-sorc skin from SR, also if you want you can remodel the char and gain miragent skin... Also there is a bar with all the valuable craft items. Those items have a value of around 100-150kk kinah depending in how far you going to finish the craft. If you finish it you end with a master carved orange darkwater orb, value +- 300kk kinah. Accepting offers, I prefer to sell in bulk, post here for more info. i55.tinypic/4lm79t.png
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