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    Alright boys and girls I am selling my character on L2Shax. It's a paladin subbed to ghost sentinel. I possess all three S grade armors (Draconic,IC,Major arcana) +16. I own a +18 DB focus with passive PvP P.atk(using it to pvp), another one with passive focus and a third one having passive might on it(mostly using these two in olympiad). It also comes with a full RB set jewels +16, including frintezza. Augments: Active: Might, Duel Might, Pdef, Mdef, Accuracy, Evasion, Max HP, Max CP, Prayer, Refresh, Skill Refresh, Spell Refresh, Heal empower, Celestial shield, Focus, Wild magic, Empower, Heal, Medusa, reflect damage. Passive: P.def on a +18 FB Focus, Duel Might on a +18 DB Focus, Might on a +18 DB Focus and Critical Rate increase on a +18 DB Focus. note: Every single augment listed is level 10. Misc: 2.000 CP pots. 100 blue evas. 4.000 Glittering medals. 20 giant books. Absolute tattoo +16. Enchanted Skills: The most important skills of my Paladin and Ghost sentinel are enchanted to +9 or 10. The character has a nice amount of PvPs and a clan with the basic skills learnt. It's got everything it takes to learn any skill you want but I was lazy to make bots in order to level the clan up. In the end of the day, you can always disband it and join somewhere else. To those that might be worried: There's an account manager ingame where you can immediatelly change your password. I am not seeking for some insane amount of money and I'd rather get paid with a paysafecard. Feel free to PM me or reply to this topic for further information
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