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    Player Name: McFly Full Rec Subs = Warlord(Main) + Destroyer I Have My Own Clan = Level 8 + Full Skills I Have My Own Clan Hall in Aden Also ~Items~ +20 Aias' Hummer (Passive Aglity) +20 Unknow Warriors' Sword (Passive Aglity) +20 Appolon's Bow (Active Player) +20 Athena's Spear +20 Leonidas' Sword*Leonidas' Sword (Duals) +20 Leonidas' Sword +20 Hades Light Armor Set +20 Raid Boss Set +20 Absolute Tattoo 14.8k Gold Bars 14.7k Glittering Medals Fighter Circlet (Gives Stats) ~Auguments~ Active: Magic Barrier in Shining Bow Active: Duel Might in DHA Active: Focus in Forgotten Blade Active: Guidance in Arcana Mace Active: Might in Demon Splinter Active: Wild Magic in Dragonic Bow Active: Battle Roar in Saint Spear Active: Aglity in Imperial Staff Active: Shield in DHA Active: Cheer in Imperial Staff Active: Celestial Shield in Angel Slayer Active: Player in Appolon's Bow Photo of Char: Here ~If You're Intrested Pm Me~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.