WTS L2Cerberus epics, and items

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    Epics: Necklace of Frintezza +5 15euro SOLD Necklace of Frintezza +10 20euro SOLD Earring of Antharas +6 150euro SOLD Earring of Zaken +3 70euro SOLD Ring of Queen Ant +10 50euro SOLD Ring of Baium +3 100euro SOLD Items: Striped Mithril Shirt +10 SOLD MW Moirai Helmet +10 3x60 SOLD Moirai Breastplate +6 3x60 SOLD Moirai Gaiter +6 3x60 SOLD Moirai Gauntlet +10 3x60 SOLD Moirai Boots +10 3x60 SOLD Moirai Shield +10 SOLD Moirai Leather Helmet +6 3x60 SOLD Moirai Leather Breastplate +6 3x120 SOLD Moirai Leather Legging +6 3x60 SOLD Moirai Leather Gloves +6 3x60 SOLD Moirai Leather Boots +6 3x60 SOLD Vorpal Circlet +6 3x120 SOLD Vorpal Tunic +6 3x120 SOLD Vorpal Stockings +6 3x120 SOLD Vorpal Gloves +6 3x120 SOLD Vorpal Shoes +6 3x120 SOLD Vorpal Helmet +3 3x60 SOLD Vorpal Breastplate +3 3x60 SOLD Vorpal Gaiters +3 3x60 SOLD Vorpal Gauntlet +3 3x60 SOLD Vorpal Boots +3 3x60 SOLD Vorpal Shield +3 SOLD Vesper Buster +3 Acumen 300 Vesper Thrower +4 Focus 300 SOLD Vesper Cutter +4 Focus 300 SOLD Pm me for more info, if you dont like the prices of epics, feel free to offer me. I have no exact price for the items, offer me for them.
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