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    wts storm screamer female dark elf named Mystique +30 custom set with full lv12 attributes (2x wind def,1 dark def,1x holy def,1x earth def) +30 boss ring set +30 vesper sigil +30 custom freya weapon with lv12 wind attribute on it,and active rez for augment +30 vesper buster with lv7 wind attribute +30 custom mage tatoo +30 belt s grade bracelet custom wings 45 bews,13 beas (blessed scroll is 100% success) 439k commemoratives (150k each custom weapon) 189k golden apigas (for custom stuff) 2,5m mouse coins (each bsoe costs 5k) +30 hurricane, +30 vampiric claw,+15 wind vortex (+15 is max), +30 surrender to wind, +16 slow, +10 dark vortex, +10 empowering echo, +10 sleep, +30 silence, +15 fear, +15 arcane power (+15 is max), +30 robe mastery, +13 anti magic, +30 fast spelel casting, +15 arcane roar (+15 is max) 2 subclass certification skills taken (celestial shield,anti magic) all forgotten skills taken maxed casting speed here is a pic with normal stats here is a pic with arcane power + enlightenment server doesnt accept donations and its mainly spanish but many english ppl play too payment type 10 euros via paypal oh and dont think its a crazy stats server,also 197 players online atm and epilogue client website of server l2thesacredmetal.es/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.