[WTS] L2 Renewal HB 100x

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    First of all, I'm selling everything as a package. I'm selling accounts with items. The Server is a 100x Hellbound Off server. No Armor/Weapons for donation. 1000+ ppl online, 1600 at siege date. You must farm for S Grade Weapons You must farm for Dynasty Armor with spoiler at IoP 5k armor material per piece. Some are difficult (Tunic, Helmet and Leather Boots) Dynasty Weapons are dropped (Very Low Chance 0.1% at IoP and 1% at Custom Farm Zone) and farmed (Spoiler). l2-renewal/ First, the accounts (every character has it's own account): Kamael account with Inspector/Judicator SubClass (for the leet buffs) Warlock Doomcryer Sword Muse Spectral Dancer Eva Saint Shillen Saint Hierophant Cardinal And the Following Items, which will be at the Cardinal Account 6 Gold of Divinity (Worth 1kkk) 640kk Ancient Adena 7 Fire Stones 1 Earth Stone 31 Top Grade LS 76 48 High Grade 143 Mid Grade 2 Dynasty Halberd+3+CS 3 Dynasty Sword+F 1 Dynasty Mace+A+3 2 Dynasty Cudgel+Rsk Focus+3 1 Dynasty Knife+CD+3 1 Dynasty Bagh-Nakh 3 Forgotten Blade+F 3 Arcana Mace+A 3 Draconic Bow+F 3 Shining Bow+F 4 Saint Spear+H 1 Saint Spear+H+8 1 Angel Slayer+H+3 3 Heavens Divider+F 2 Basalt+Health 1 Basalt+Hp Drain+6 Unsealed Armors 2 Dagger Dynasty Leather Armor Set 1 Wizard Dynasty Robe Set 1 Dynasty Shield 2 Dynasty Jewelry Set Sealed Armor 1 Dynasty Helmet 2 Dynasty Leather Helmet 4 Dynasty Circlet 6 Dynasty Gaiter 2 Dynasty Leather Leggings 5 Dynasty Boot 5 Dynasty Gauntlet 5 Dynasty Leather Gauntlets 3 Dynasty Gloves 3 Dynasty Shields A Grade Weapons S Grade Armor Sets A lot of Materials to Craft S grade weapons and S80 Armor Pm offer and/or add at . I am welcoming $$ or items in other servers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.