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    Char Name: Ph4nt0m (Donate Char) Class: Soultaker Status: Nobless,Hero Items: Armors: S Grade: Imperial Crusader Armor: Full Set +20 Draconic Leather Armor: Full Set +20 Major Arcana Robe: Full Set +20 A Grade: Dark Crystal Robe : Full Set +20 Majestic Plate Armor: Full Set +20 Weapons: S Grade:2 Arcana Mace(Acumen): +20 Heavens Divider(Haste):+20 Draconic Bow(Focus): +20 Forgotten Blade(Focus): +20 Demon Splinter(Crt.Stun):+20 Hero Dagger: +0 B Grade: Demon Dagger(Mortal Strike): +20 Jewels: S Grade: Necklace of Valakas: +20 Earring of Antharas: +20 2 Zakens Earring: +20 Ring of Baium: +20 B Grade: Ring of Queen Ant:+20 Shields: Nephilim Lord: +0 Zombie Shield: +0 Tattoo: A Grade: Absolute: +20 Skills: Anchor: +15(chance) Curse Gloom: +10(chance) Vampir Claw: +10(Power) (Stucked by donate) Augment Skills: Actives: Item Skill: Empower Lv 10 Heal Lv 10 Battle Roar Lv 10 Shield Lv 10 Magic Barrier Lv 10 Agility Lv 10 Wild Magic Lv 10 Stone Lv 10 Celestial Shield Lv 10 Passive Skills: Item Skill: Wild Magic Lv 10 Empower Lv 10 Shield Lv 10 Magic Barrier Lv 10 Clan: Clan Name: Immemorial Ally Name: Keep Walking Clan lvl 10 with full clan skills and clan hall All these sell: 150 euro Char Name: SexOnFire (Donate Char) Class: Hierophant (Stucked by donate) Augment Skills: Item Skill: Blessed the Soul Lv 10 Charm Lv 10 Stone Lv 10 Stun Lv 10 All these sell: 20 euro
Thread Status:
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