[WTS] Kickass LoL Acc 50K RP Worth stuff

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    Hello everyone! I am playing League of Legends for 3 years now , i got bored of it and i'm selling this really good account located on EU-West , it has every rune you'll need to play any role you want + really nice skins (including super rare UFO Corki and 5 Legendary skins) but enough of this chit chat , let's get straight down to this beauty , right? Skins : Akali : Nurse Akali , Crimson Akali , Silverfang Akali Amumu : Little Knight Amumu Alistar : Unchained Alistar Ashe : Sherwood Forest Ashe Blitzcrank : Boom boom blitzcrank Caitlyn : Sheriff Caitlyn Cho'Gath : Loch Ness cho'gath Corki : UFO Corki SUPER RARE Dr. Mundo : Corporate Mundo LEGENDARY Evelynn : Shadow Evelynn Ezreal : Frosted Ezreal Jax : Jaximus Kassadin : Pre-Void Kassadin Kennen : Deadly Kennen Kog'Maw : Caterpillar Kog'Maw , Sonoran Kog'Maw , Lion Dance Kog'Maw LEGENDARY LeBlanc : Wicked LeBlanc Lux : Sorceress Lux Malphite : Shamrock Malphite Malzahar : Overlord Malzahar Miss Fortune : Secret Agent Miss Fortune Mordekaiser : Pentakill Mordekaiser Morgana : Blade Mistress Morgana Nocturne : Frozen Terror Nocturne Nunu : Grungy nunu Olaf : Brolaf LEGENDARY Pantheon : Perseus Pantheon Renekton : Galactic Renekton Ryze : Tribal Ryze Shaco : Royal Shaco , Asylum Shaco Shen : Yellow Jacket Shen Sion : Hextech Sion Taric : Bloodstone Taric Tryndamere : King Tryndamere Twisted Fate : The Magnificient Twisted Fate LEGENDARY , Tango Twisted Fate Udyr : Primal Udyr Urgot : Butcher Urgot Vayne : Aristocrat Vayne Vladimir : Marquis Vladimir , Blood Lord Vladimir LEGENDARY Warwick : Feral Warwick Wukong : General Wukong Xin Zhao : viscero Xin Zhao Yorick : Pentakill Yorick Ziggs : Mad Scientist Ziggs Runes : Marks : 9x 1.7% Attack Speed 9x 1.7 Armor Pen. 9x 2.2% Crit DMG 9x 0.93% Crit Chance 9x 0.95 Physical Dmg Seals : 2x 5.3 Health 9x 0.42% Crit Chance 9x 1.41 Armor 9x 0.41 Mana Regen Glyphs : 9x -0.65% Cooldown 9x 0.31 Mana Regen / 5 9x 1.5 Magic Resist 9x 0.99 Ability Power Quintessences : 3x 3.4% Attack speed 3x 3.3 Armor Pen. 3x 26 Health 3x 4.5% Crit DMG 3x 1.9% Crit Chance 3x 5.0 Ability Power Champions : ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting If you have any questions and/or you are interested in this account add me on : arti_simrishamn if you feel unsafe i can put this account on playerup.com and we can make a deal through there
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