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    Quick info about server : 10x rate, retail luxury H5shop, NPC buffer, Global GK, online 400+ more info : exfire.eu/?page_id=18 Armors: S grade set 1x 12[Euro] Dynasty set 1x 18[Euro] Moirai set 1x 20[Euro] Vesper set 1x 30[Euro] Weapons: S grade 1x 12[Euro] Dynasty 1x 20[Euro] Icarus 1x 30[Euro] Vesper 1x 40[Euro] Jewels: S grade set 1x 10[Euro] Moirai set 1x 15[Euro] Vesper set 1x 25[Euro] Soul Crystal: Stage 12 R/G/B 1x 3[Euro] Stage 13 R/G/B 1x 6[Euro] Stage 14 R/G/B 1x 8[Euro] Stage 15 R/G/B 1x 10[Euro] Stage 16 R/G/B 1x 12[Euro] Others: Giant codex (1 piece =0,15Euro) 10x 1,5[Euro] Giant codex mastery (1 piece =0,3Euro) 10x 3[Euro] Elemental Stone (1 piece =0,1Euro) 10x 1[Euro] Elemental Crystal (1 piece =0,5Euro) 10x 5[Euro] Enchant Armor, S grade 1x 1[Euro] Enchant Weapon, S grade 1x 2[Euro] FS 81 1x 2[Euro] FS 82 1x 5[Euro] FS 83 1x 8[Euro] Adena: 100kk adena = 2Euro Special offers : Vesper ring +15 – 40 Euro WTS : Chars : WTT all my items and chars pm me. Warendo (Soultaker 85, all subs,nobl, all skills+30/15) Polnga (Soulhound male 85, all subs, nobl, all skills +30/15) Kingin (Evas Saint 85, 1 sub, nobl, skills +-15) Walin(Saggit 85, no subs, skills +0) All chars have full gear (means vesper noble set, vesper weap) Negotiated price!!! Server has own donate list, but you can check, every item in mine donate list is much cheaper :) Server oficial donate list for comparison : exfire.eu/?page_id=126 (1Euro = 25Kč) If are you interested contact me there in PM or on my e-mail : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.