[WTS] Items/Noblesse characters on L2 RENEWAL.(l2-renewal)

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    ITEM SELLING IS TEMPORARILY SUSTAINED.I WILL OPEN THE SELLING IN SOME WEEKS. First character(noblesse,1 time hero.):This character includes like 27 BOG.It has +8 arcana mace acument with chance anchor augment.Also it has +0 am acu with active might augment,+0 am acu with chance duel might aumgnet,+0 am acu with active empower augment,+0 som acu with chance empower augment.Perfect to use them on each class. Main class: Soultaker(level 80 with all the usefull skills enchanted from +8 to +10). 1st sub: Ghost sentinel(level 80 with enchanted hex/stun). 2nd sub: Cardinal(Level 80). 3rd sub: Adventurer(level 80). Second character(noblesse):This character has +10 fbf with chance shield augment.+3 am acu with chance to regenerate 450 CP when hitted,+0 am acu with chance prayer augment.Perfect for playing olympiads. Main class:Hierophant(level 79 with +10 mana burn and +9 dryar root). 1st Subclass:78 lvl mystic muse. Third character(noblesse): Main class: Spellhowler level 78. 1st Subclass:Soultaker level 78. 2nd Subclass: Adventurer level 78. Other characters:I got 80 lvl spoiler/bishop/phantom ranger and 79 lvl warcryer non-noblesse if needed. GEAR +15 draconic bow focus. +10 fb focus. +8 am acumen. +6 dc robe set. +6 imperial crusader set. +5 major arcana set. +5/5/5/7 draconic set. +5/5/5/5/6 tat set. 25 gold bars.Maybe more. Like 800kk ancient adena.Maybe more 10 high lifestones. ALL CHARACTERS/ITEMS CAN BE SOLD SEPERATELY OR IN A BULK. PRICE NEGOTIABLE($ OR EUROS). Send me a PM here if you are interesting and we will discuss the price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.