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    JEWELS: Frintezza Necklace +6 2xFrintezza necklace Zaken +4 AQ+6 Blessed Freya Necklace Blessed Freya Necklace +6 Vesper earring +9 ring +8 Elegia earring +6 ring +6 ARMOR SET'S : Elegia robe set +6 full 120 Elegia light set +6 100/120 Elegia robe set +6 60/120 WEAPONS : Skull bow +f+7+300 holy Skull bow +f+5+300 holy Skull bow +4+230 dark MISQ: +10 Striped Mithril Shirt +cp ~15kkk adena ~2kk oly token SOLD : 2x Epic set with valakas 1x Epic set with oe'd Frintezza Vorpal L set +10 full 120 Vorpal L set +10+9+8+6+6 3x120 Vesper Sigil +10 Elegia Sigil +10 Elegia Shield +10 Elegia earring +8 / Ring +8 2x Vesper earring +12 2x Vesper ring +11 TOP A Belt + pvp skill attack TOP A Belt + pvp defense TOP S Belt + pvp defense Mid s84 mage sword +a+7+300 --------------------------------------------------- Character's account: NOTE: All Characters accounts are being sold without any important item/ equipment. But all this char's have all important buff stick's + pimp auguments / quest items / some oly tokens / fame 15k+ etc etc etc.... (for more info about account's contact via private message) Hierophant lvl 85 some important skills average enchanted. (nobless with 1 sub 75) 2x hero Fortune Seeker lvl 85 all skills on MAX lvl enchantment (+15/+30). (nobless with 3 sub lvl 80). ~15x Hero Trickster lvl 85 all skills enchanted on MAX lvl enchantment. ( nobless with 3 subclass lvl80) 8x hero Elemental Master lvl85 all skills enchanted on MAX lvl enchantment. ( nobless w/ 3subclass lvl80). ~33x hero ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAYMENT METHOD PAYPAL. IF you are interested in anything or you have some questions about characters account/ items information and prices send me a private message with your contact : (/ / / facebook)
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