[WTS] Iss Enchanter 97 /sub Sigel Knight 97 [CORE]

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    Orc Male ISS 97 Sub TANK 97, Archer 75 263k fame R95 +3 Bound Seraph heavy set +shield (defense, +4 upper body) 600 attributes R95 +4 Bound Seraph jewel set R95 +4 Bound Specter Dual Blunt Damage 300 Fire R +4 Bound Apocalypse Sword Health R +3 High Grade Belt PVP Defense R Twilight Bracelet S +4 Mithril Shirt CP S80 Cloak of Freya (full) main ISS: Lv2 Legendary STR Lv1 Legendary STR Lv1 Legendary WIT +4 Sonata, Harmony, Ultimate Suspension sub TANK: Lv3 Legendary CON Lv2 Legendary CON Lv1 Legendary CON +5 Protection of Faith +4 Ignore Death, Noble Sacrifice Orc Racial Invulnerability works on sub 200kk adena and full +3 Seraph Light set 300 attributes + junk (4 vita pots, top ls99, attribute cry etc) 200€ 150€, msg me for more info.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.