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    Hello, new to but i figured i'd give it a try. I offer eve-online isk at the price of 26$ / billion. I have 24 billion in stock atm. How it works: From the moment you contact me and order an ammount of isk, it will take 0-4 days (depending on the ammount) for me to put it together because i don't give out actual isk instead i give NPC tags or effects so you won't have any problems with CCP. When i have the tags ready i will contact you and when you make the money transfer we will meet ingame and you can have the isk. I have sold over 90 billion isk to this day and none of my customers had any problems with CCP this way and i will keep it that way. In my opinion secure isk is better than fast isk. For orders bigger than 5 billion isk you get 1$ discount so the price will be 25$ / billion. I also have 2 characters for sale atm. One is a subcap specialist with 68 mil SP. 99.6% pvp skills. Highlights: All frigates lvl5 All cruiser lvl5 Minmatar/Gallente/Amarr BS lvl5 Battlecruisers, Command Ships lvl5 Interceptors lvl5 Heavy Assault Ships, Recon ships, Logistics lvl5 All other t2 specs like ( dictor, eas, AF, hic lvl4 ) All gunnery support 5 All t2 guns. with specs 3/4 Missiles. t2 heavy assault missiles Support skills almost done except warhead upg lvl 4. Drones. He has t2 small/med/heavy/sentry with very good support skills, interfacing 5, 2 specs lvl4, support skills lvl 4-5 mostly. Leadership. He has 6 mil SP in leadership able to plug in Skirmish and Armored mindlinks with warfare link spec 5 and wing command 4, Siege warfare spec lvl 4. He has good support skills in navigation/electronigs/engineering/mechanics. lvl4/5 all around able to fit t2 armor/shield rigs and also flies Proteus with offensive/deffensive lvl5. He can use combat boosters also which makes him a mean Machariel pilot. The other char is a capital char with 48 mil SP atm. Mainly focused around supercapitals. He can fly Dreadnaught with lvl 4 skills. All capital navigation lvl5 except jump fuel conservation lvl4. Capital Ships lvl 5, Gallente Carrier lvl5, Fighters lvl5, Fighter Bombors lvl5 almost finished. Good support skills in drones and mechanic/engineering. Good gunnery skills but only gallente guns. He is Titan ready, can train Doomsday Operation, Jump Portal Generation and Titan skill. I am looking for 700$ for the Subcap Char and 550$ for the Capital Char. Contact me through PM or on my ID is cosmin.tofan.
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