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    Hello! i'm selling all of my accounts, they never got a ban and never get involved in RMT. they are very good chars, perfectly trained. first one: 63+ mil SP can fly: Amarr - Gallente - Minmatar All sub capital ships at lvl 5 except command and logistic. ceptor - dictor - heavy dictor - bs - bc - recon - cov ops - t3 - cruiser - frigate - HAC ALL @5 PERFECT GUNNER all @5 except the specialization all @4 Very good shield tank skills, almost perfect armor tank skills, capacitor/fitting skills @lvl 5 Perfect Drones skills from light up to heavy/sentry all @5 Almost perfect Navigation Skills. second one: 56+ mil SP Perfect PVE char. Fly caldari and amarr (but no turret skills) all missiles skills @5 plus specialization lvl 4. Can fly a GOLEM/TENGU PERFECTLY! A very good isk maker. 8+ standing with Caldari Police Force Drones Skills amazing, tank skills too, perfect navigation skills. third one: 18+ mil SP PERFECT TENGU CHARS. ALL SKILLS lvl 5. Tank/capacitor/tengu skills/subsystem/missiles fourth one: 10+ mil SP Almost Perfect TENGU CHARS, has 2-3 skills @4 the rest all lvl 5, important skills are all lvl 5, the skills at 4 are support skills. plus i'm selling 20bil for 30$/bil. I'm new in this forum but i don't wanna scam anyone so i'm ok to give any proof to the buyer of my identity and i prefer not to use paypal, bank transfer would be perfect. If using paypal only gift accepted. my : [email protected]
Thread Status:
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