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    Hi, i'm new to but everybody has to start somewhere I offer Eve-online isk at the price of 26$/billion. I have more than 25 billion in stock now. This is the way i sell: When you order an ammount of isk, it will take 0-2 days (depending on the ammount) for me to transfer the Isk because i don't give out actual isk, instead i give NPC tags or items(supercarrier, ships, minerals, tags or what we agree) so you won't have any problems with CCP. When i have the items ready i will contact you and after you make the money transfer we will meet ingame and you'll have the isk. I'm selling isk this way and no problems for me or my customers in a year. For bigger orders i can make a discount(i'd like to sell big amounts in one go). Also one Char for sale. 98 mil SP Titan ready, almost perfect Supercarrier pilot(Nyx lvl5 & Aeon), can fly very well almost any ship with all the mods. more than 80 skills trained at lvl 5 All frigates lvl5 Gallente/Amarr BS lvl5 can fly gallente and amarr capitals except Titans 11 mil in drones 18 mil in gunnery 30 mil in spaceship command All t2 guns. with specs 3/4 good support skills in navigation/electronigs/engineering/mechanics. lvl4/5 all around and able to fit t2 armor/shield rigs. Asking 800$ for the character. PM me or messenger: a_walk31 ty vm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.