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    Hello guys. I am here to present you Captain-Victory services and I have to tell you that they are the cheapest all arround this forum. How do we work? We are 2 people(soon maybe more because some guys are on vacations right now) who working together for you!We are trying to be fast enough so as you to be satisfied.You contant with us,you purchase what you want,and,after that we give you a time limit in which you are supposed to have taken the items/goods.Always,we give you a code which you have to show when it is to give you the items you purchased.If you don't show us the code you won't take any items.I hope you understand It's for personal safety reasons . What we Offer? 1)For normall games: -Very fast XP -Lot's of IP's per day(about 1500 per day) 2)For ranked games: -Elo boost till 1500 3)Teaching Material -We can make theoritical and practical lessons via /teamviewer about problems you may have with a champion,suggesting you ways of facing different problems in game and finally we can practise on that in game as a premade team. (NOTE:We will stop the lessons you asked me when I see in game that you became "pro" with a champion for example.I won't leave you with unsolved problem. Also I provide guides for my students) Notes: 1)We can XP you from level 10 to level 30 2)If you wish to buy our teaching services you have to agree that you won't post the guides we give you to any forums or sites. 3)If you want to buy our IP boost services you have to tell me how many IPs you want and we give you an exact date when you'll have the suggested IP number(my average is 1500 per day) 4)About XP Boost: I'ts not necessary to xp you from 10 to 30 you can tell me how many levels you want to xp you and I will do it(ONLY with paypal) 5)For every IP you take during the XP Boost purchase you don't have to pay 6)If we pass the time limit we gave you, you can issue a refund.And we will do it 100%.We make safe purchases! PRICES These purchases can be only done by PayPal: -Leveling(XP Boost):1 euro per level(from 0~>30 levels) -Influence Points Boosts(IP Boost):0,80 euro per 1000 IP -ELO Boost(till 1500):10 euro per 150 elo These purchases can be only done by PaySafeCard: -Leveling(XP Boost):20 euro (from 10-30) -ELO Boost(till 1500):10 euro per 100 elo For teaching material lessons prices are discussable but not higher from 10 euros. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS! *Whoever buy our services from 20 euros ++ will get a special 5% discount to our services FOR EVER! *The first one who will give us 30 euros he will be rewarded with one level 20 account with 5000 IP(maybe more) **CONTACT** You can contact us: via facebook via :hellruler3(soon will add the official of the team) Soon will be added , options. STATUS Available workers this week:2 IP Boost:On XP Boost:On ELO Boost:On Teaching Material:On CAPTAIN-VICTORY,THE CHEAPEST AND THE SAFEST LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SERVICES ALL ARROUND!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.