WTS: Insanely Geared PvP 10 - Full T3+Ibis / Bori Geared Guardian|Vanity|Tyranny Server

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    Please post here before contacting me or i will not answer! Send me a PM THROUGH once you have posted. ================================================== ================================== Decked out level 80 Guardian One of the most geared out guardians on the US Servers. You will not find another one like this. PVP Gear Bori Geared - Dauntless PvP Set Triton's Depths Polearm Highlord PvP Great Shield PVE Gear Full T3 - Invincible Armor Set for Tanking Rare Toth-Amon Shield - Aegis of Dhurkan Blackblade Arma's Pride T3 Quest Cloak Quill of Ibis Sword Nilus the Blood Wake Tanking Sword Shield of Chaos AA Feated OUT! TONS of Feats for Both PvE and PvP! Vanity! Mounts GALORE: Azure-barbed Tobiano Horse, Buckskin Horse, Dapple Gray Horse, Fading Black Horse, Mahogany Bay Horse, Pale-barded Fading Black Horse, Purple Snow Mammoth, Rabicano horse, Skewbald Pinto horse, Stygian Halfbreed, Swift Shemite Horse, Swift Tobiano Horse, Tarpani Stallion, Tobian Horse, War Mammoth, White Horse, White Vaaghasan Slaughter Steed. Pets/Companions: Arctic Fox, Attendant, Blue Scuttler, Chicken, Corrupted Self, Field Mouse, Tawny Owl, Hyena, Kitten, Lion Cub, Straw Man, Cobra, Lost Soul, Loyal Crocodile, Old Squeaker, Piglet, Pleasurable Company, Sheep, Soul Devourer, Tabby, White Rat, Vanir Captive, Young Baboon, Loyal Kappa, Ravager of Jhil Social Vanity: Enlarge Arms, Increase Size, Enlarge Breasts, Prismatic Starfall Fire Works, Coloring the Sky Fire Works All Teleport Paths Unlocked. Alts! 80 Assassin 80 Dark Templar 80 Ranger 54 Offline Levels Available!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.