WTS Insane Tier 1&2 necromancer with tier 3 city + bk

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    Up for sale is a level 80 necromancer, level 80 guardian, level 40 ranger and various other alts. I might also consider trades for a good tier 6 geared horde wow account. Also included in this account is the preorder which gives all your characters that you ever make a legendary war rhino, drinking cape, 16 slot extra bag and a ring that increases experience gained. Now down to the good stuff. This account comes with a complete tier 3 battlekeep and a tier 3 guild city. You can easily change the guild name by using the guild management tab and start your very own guild with the benefits of having a huge jumpstart on your competition and a great way to recruit. Nobody else on the server is even close in their city which means you will have a monopoly on the crafting market for a while and make a lot of gold. As for the characters the necromancer was my main, He has almost a complete tier 1 epic armor set and a partial tier 2 armor set. All but 3 items are epic from raids including the weapons and offhand. He has about 30 gold on him which in this game is quite a bit. The next characters is a PvP guardian who is geared in all crafted end game gear and gemmed to fit the spec with +polearm dmg. He is an awesome PvP toon and hits very hard while taking little to no damage. The guardian has about 17g on him as well. Lastly there is a level 38ish ranger who was going to be another PvP toon but ran out of time and cannot finish. Overall the game is great and I have had a ton of fun but because of my family I have to get rid of the game.(it is taking too much time away from my real life and the girl says it goes or she does) Lots of pictures are available on request. Please contact me if you have any questions. I accept moneybookers and paypal both are verified and I have a good reputation on md as well. <span style="font-weight: boldI am entertaining serious offers on this account and all the extras that come with it. You will also receive the original cd's and box that I got when I bought the game.
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