[WTS] I wanna sell the account because i am european

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    I wanna sell the account because i am european. I have: ->1686 wins ->Finished Season 1 at 1513 , with the peek of 1554. ->Currently sitting at 1400 rating, with 1554 peek. ->71 champions ->Not owned(Cassiopeia, evelynn,fiora,fizz graves,Katarina , lee sin, Leona,lulu,lux,maokai,mordekaiser,nautilus,rumble, sejuani,shen,talon,teemo,vayne,viktor,volibear,wuk ong,xerath,ziggs) ->The following skins: -Amumu – Pharaoh Amumu/Re-gifted Amumu(Limited skin) -Alistar - Unchained alistar -Annie – Frostfire Annie -Caitlyn - Safari Caitlyn -Cho'gath - Loch ness -Corki - UFO corki ( limited skin ) -Kassadin – Harbringer Kassadin -Kayle - Judgement kayle ( limited skin ) -Kennen - Karate kennen -Kog'maw – Caterpillar Kog’maw -Master Yi - Iona master yi -Malzahar – Overlod Malzahar -Miss Fortune- Mafia Miss Fortune -Nocturne – Hauting Nocturne(Limited skin) -Rammus – Freljord Rammus -Shaco – Asylum Shaco -Singed - Riot Squad singed ( Limited Skin ) -Soraka – Dryad Soraka -Swain – Nothern Front Swain -Tristana – Riot Girl tristana/Guerilla Tristana -Veigar – Greybeard Veigar -Veigar - Cing veigar ( limited skin ) -Warwick – Tundra Hunter Warwick -> The following runes: -Marks: 9x attack speed 9x magic pen 9x armor pen 9x flat health -Seals: 9x attack speed 9x mana regen / level 9x ability power / level 9x flat armor 9x health / level -Glyphs 9x magic resist /level 9x flat cooldown 9x ability power / level 9x mana regen / level -Quintessences 3x armor pen 3x flat health 3x movement speed 2x ability power 1x exp bonus 1x magic pen 5 Rune Pages
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.