WTS: High ranked freep account with 85 minstrel,85 captain,85 hunter,77 LM

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    Hello everyone. I'm hoping to sell my account to someone who would take as good care of that as I did. I have put really alot of work and time into this.Account is 4 and a half years old. If you pay subscription then you can do everything. Account is Premium account with all the expansions. Game Version History Shadows of Angmar™ Guest Mines of Moria™ Standard Siege of Mirkwood™ Rise of Isengard™ Riders of Rohan™ Legendary Edition Extra Character Slot Extra Character Slot Shared Storage. 6 Inventory Bags I also unlocked the wallet system ( easy, so that tokencoinsbarter tokens etc acquired will no longer take inventory slot space ) All the characters are in Snowbourn server. Has few low levels in other servers also. Account has currently 90 Turbine Points, 6,400 Destiny Points. Across the account on freeps I have around 3700 gold. If to sell all the goodies on the account you might get around 1500-2000 gold. Depending on the market and how to sell.All across the account there are alot of crafting materials, various goodies and valuables. On both of the houses there are alot of nice things also. I will show alot of pictures from characters and inventory to get the overview. Account has every single crafting profession maxed out and maxed with the guild so what ever you want to do you can do. Account is set up for every situation what can occure. On creep side I have a bit over 1,100 gold and 16 lootboxes waiting to be opened. I have played for 4 and a half years. Havent had any warnings or bans from gameplay. I dont have any enemies. Main character is well known in the server and I have good relations with all of the raiding kins and alot of players across the Middle Earth. Account has all 9 characters. Level 85 Minstrel, 85 Hunter, 85 Captain, 77 Lore-Master, 40 Rune-Keeper, 31 Guardian, 27 Burglar, 27 champion, 26 Warden. On that account in the shared barter wallet I have the following as you can see on the picture, Account has its own rank 8 kinship with kinship house. Right next to it is personal Deluxe house. Account has 6 creeps. rank 3 Reaver, rank 4 Weaver, rank 5 Blackarrow, rank 6 Warleader, rank 6 Stalker, rank 4 Defiler. Now talking a bit more about each character and with some pictures to show them. 1) My main has been Minstrel(Female Elf) for 3 years.She has 3123 gold. All equipped virtues are maxed out. most of the virtues are either over the cap or close to the cap. Most of the deeds across the game have been done just aswell most of the quests. Minstrel is rank 12 in PvMP. Needs only a littlebit to get rank 13. Has 4 1st age items and rest 2nd age items. Has 2 full PvP sets with 1st age PvP weapon and 1st age PvP book and PvP jewellery.Since I was into PvP then all DPS build is PvP orientated Basically PvP gear is close to perfect what you can have ingame. For healing she has the best possible gear also with 1st age healing book,2nd age healing weapon and 2 different healing gear sets.So maxed out for healing. Has old content Tower of Orthanc set also. Minstrel is kindred(max) with 23 factions out of 24. Crafting profession is tinker where she is Grand Master of the guild(max) with jewellers guild. Cook and Prospector is maxed also. Total play time for minstrel is 5 months 2 weeks 13 hours, what I have invested in her. She has 51 mounts. For the minstrel I have bought alot of things from LOTRO Store, like Storage upgrade, unlocked legendary items slots, hurried traveller(cooldown decrease), and many more... I have bought permanent virtue increase for her also,fate rank 7, vitality rank 7, will rank 8. Has alot of crafting materials for jeweller and alot of goodies for any occasion in storage. Overall there is not much you can do with Minstrel anymore, just to have fun either in PvE or in PvMP. 2) Captain(woman) is level 85. She has 59 gold. Has Has 2 1st age items and 2nd age weapon, full PvMP set and very good healing set combined with 2 pieces of PvP set and 4 Hytbold set. Crafting profession is Woodworker where she is guilded and maxed out. Has few mounts. Virtues are good. Has purchased permanent might increase rank 4. Has really good jewellery. Is rank 5 in PvMP. Has different crafting materials in vault. Here are some pictures of the character. 3) Hunter(Man) is level 85.He has 208 gold. He has 2nd age bow and 2nd age weapon(level 75). Has decent virtues. Hes crafting profession is Armourer. He is Grand Mater of the guild with tailor(maxed) and forester and prospector are maxed aswell. This character is very good for gathering crafting materials. Has alot of crafting materials in vault. Has loads of potions/chants in vault for hunter class. He has full PvP set and full Hytbold set plus good jewellery. Needs just 2 days work to get golden rings from Snowbourn. He is rank 5 in PvMP. Following few pictures of Hunter 4) Lore-Master (Male Elf) is level 77. He has many leveling accelerators in inventory so leveling up is not a problem at all. Has level 85 full PvParmour set in vault waiting for him to get level 85. Hes virtues are failry decent since LM was my first main when I started playing so there for he has finished alot of deeds untill level 65 times. Then my new main was minstrel and just leveled LM up when update came. Lore-Masters crafting profession is Armourer where he is Grand Master of the guild with Metalsmith(maxed). He is maxed with prospector and Westfold(7/8) with tailor.He has some crafting materials in vault also. Character has a bit over 100 gold. He has alot of mounts, as I told I used to play him as my main.He is kindred with many factions. Has good gear on level at the moment. He is rank 5 in PvMP from level 65 times. Here are some pictures. 5)Runekeeper is level 40. He has no crafting profession.He has decent crafted gear for on level playing. I have just leveled him for fun. 6)Guardian is level 31. He has good crafted gear on level playing. Guardian is Grand Master of the guild with Scholar(maxed). He has alot of crafting materials and some nice goodies in vault also. He has mount. Posting 1 picture of him also. 7) Burglar is level 27. He has yet no crafting profession. He has good on level gear equipped. Has mount. 8) Champion is level 27. He has good on level gear equipped. Has mount. Champions crafting profession is farmer, he is maxed out what means that you can make all possible vegetables/incredients for cooking. 9)Warden is level 27. She has good on level gear equipped. Has mount. She is Grand Master of the guild with Weaponsmith(maxed) and maxed prospector. Here is 1 picture of her inventory. On creep side I have some creeps as mentioned before. I wasnt able to make pictures of other creeps then just from Stalker and Warleader who i have unlocked at the moment. On a Weaver I have bought few skills with greater sigils just as on Stalker and on Warleader. There are alot of quest items all across on the creeps and alot of gold also. Some nice goodies aswell from lootboxes and still some lootboxes to open up or to trade for freep gold or creep valuables. Will post now 2 pictures of them. So thats all I can think of at this moment. I stopped playing becouse I dont have time anymore and thinking of selling the account. Since this account means alot to me then the price isnt that low, but its not high considering how much time and effort I have put into it. When considering the gold I have across the account then only this is worth over € 500 there for my asking price is € 1,300. It is negotiable.I am accepting Paypal .Only serious PM-s please If you are interested in buying this account then I can give 1 creep account for free with my main account. This account is premium also and has only 1 level 12 champion made only to enter Ettenmoors with creeps. Here is a picture of it, If you have any questions or any thoughts then please let me know to this e-mail address [email protected] or PM me here. Thank you for reading and I am hoping to hear from interested people soon.
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