WTS: High Lvl EUPC Account with multiple chars

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    Selling DCUO account: DLC have been purchased (Fight for Light, Lightning Strikes, Battle for Earth, The Last Laugh, Home Turf) 607 Station Cash 2851 Replay Badges Max inventory space, broker, and bank space purchased Included extra 6 bonus chars slot purchased (Total 12 chars) Lots of bonus purchased styles and items (trinkets/ respec tokens for movements, powers,etc,radar r&d scanners enchancers, renown + level booster) purchased, and all legends pvp characters purchased (Arkham Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Superman and Zod) Account has rare trinket 25th Century Communicator (only given out to long time members) 5 additional Home Turf deed have been purchased for the 5 main chars giving them access to 2 x bases (one in metropolis and the other in gotham) Approx 2.9 + mil cash in total spread out throughout various chars (Note: This is alot of cash for eupc ^^) Characters Details: a) 1 Main Char on Hero: CR 88, 102 SP Elec DPS/ Healer -Flight Full T4 DPS Gear (DPS gear fully modded) and 6/8 t4 healer gear with t3.5 for remaining 2 (DPS gear fully modded) b) 4 Main Chars on Villain: CR89, 131 SP Nature DPS/ Healer -Superspeed Full T4 DPS gear and T4 Healer Gear (Both fully modded) CR88, 110 SP Hardlight DPS/ Controller -Superspeed Full T4 DPS gear (Fully modded) and T4 Controller Gear CR 88, 98 SP Earth Tank/ DPS -Superspeed Full T4 Tank gear (Fully modded), and T4 DPS Gear CR 88, 101 SP Mental Controller/DPS -Acrobatics Full T4 DPS and Controller (Both Gears fully modded) Bonus: 5 chars dedicated for storage (Seperated for easier management for exos/materials, money + prom lockbox armor and accesories, plans + lockbox consumables, in game collections, and seasonal collections). Each dedicated chars for storage have stackload of items and you won't be dissapointed with them Characters are well maintained and have pbg wpns/new 131 dps wpns, lots of prom sodas, neck, rings, and many type 1-4 plans. Also they have been taken care of for all seasonal playerup so not missing out on anything. Chars have accumulated various rare styles, auras, etc. Inside those 5 main chars in their inventory contains bonuses such as unused respec tokens for movement and powers. So your free to utilize it to change to whatever powerset if needed Have some additional 2 EUPC and 2 USPC chars created for playing and therefore USPC have remainder 10 slots to create more chars Note: The account is non pro sbn, so it works with normal soe launcher Wanting $350 for account or pm me your offer. Pls send serious offers only if interested in buying. If needing more info/pics,etc contact me via pm . Thanks for looking
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