WTS high level chars magmeld!

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    EMAIL me at [email protected] or add me on on [email protected] and leave your here to discuss pricing! Thanks!! lvl 94 Tank @ 5% /80 Duelist Sub/75 Hawkeye Sub/72 Spellsinger Sub (Noble) full 60/60/60 Twilight Heavy Set and Twilight Jewels (Bound) Seraph Armor Main and Bottom Heavy (Bound) +7 Apoc Cutter 300 Holy Focus +3 CON hat 2 Billion Max SP 28 Vita Replenish Potions 64 30 min Vitality Maintence Potions 18 Hair Accesory Life Stones 400k R Grade Soulshots (Weightless) +2/3 Passive Skills lvl 86 Summoner/75 Warlord Sub/66 Elven Elder Sub (Noble) full immortal light set and jewels (Bound) +9 Recurve Thorne Bow Focus, 300 Fire 1.2 Billion SP lvl 86 Enchanter full immortal heavy set and jewels (Bound) 1.3 Billion SP lvl 94 Archer @ 23.51% /80 Soultaker/80 Doomcryer/80 WindRider (Noble) full 120/120/120 Twilight Light Set (Bound) and Baium/Frint/Twilight (Bound) Jewels Seraph Light Main and Bottom Heavy (Bound) +4 Blessed Apoc Bow 300 water Damage + Focus +4 Blessed Apoc Shooter Haste 5% P attack Hat 2 Billion Max SP 22 Vita Replenish Pots 7 30 min Vita Replenish Pots lv 5 Ancient Con/Dex/Str Tatoos +4 Passive SKills lvl 93 Healer @ 52% /80 Spectral Dancer/75 Shillen Knight/80 Bishop (Noble) full 120/120/120 Twilight Robe Set (Bound) and Freya/Twilight (Bound) Jewels Seraph Robe Top And Bottom (Bound) +3 Apoc Buster Acumen (PASSIVE CLARITY AUGMENT) Horn of Glory (LVL 10 WILD MAGIC ACTIVE AUGMENT) +3 WIT hat/+3 MEN hat 2 Billion Max SP lv 5 Giant Wit/Wit/Con Tatoos
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.