WTS: High-End DCUO Account (USPS3, Villain)

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    Three toons, two mains which were used by myself and my brother. Here's the stats: Toon 1: Earth DPS SP: 136 CR: 88 Full T4 PVE and PVP DPS with Rings and Neck (Modded for Might and Precision, it was another powerset earlier) PVE Weapons: Staff, Bow, DW, 2H, and MA (All 131s) PVP Weapons: 1H, DW Troller Notable trinkets: Hand of Fate full prec 4 wildcard, Mr. Boo, Snowman, FoS DPS, and DPS CC Currencies: 10k+ Influence 2500+ MoTriumph 200+ MoLegend 200+ MoTactic 25+ MoS 25+ MoLore Toon 2: Electric Healer SP: 118 CR: 89 (Superspeed for PVP) Full T4 PVP & PVE Modded (For Healer Stance), Full T4 DPS not fully modded in DPS stance. PVP Weapons: Brawling, MA, DW, 1H and DPs (Healing) PVE Weapons: DW, HBs, and DPs (Healing) PVE Weapons: Staff, 1H and Bow (DPS) Notable Trinkets: FoS (Healer and DPS), Snowman, Ms. Boo, Death Blossom, Eerie & Creepy Jack, Croatoan's Talisman, both high-end Hand of Fate Healer Trinkets. Currencies: 3000+ MoTriumph 200+ MoTactic 30+ MoS 70+ MoW Toon 3: Mental Troll SP: 51 CR: 72 Full Troll Neck and Rings (One ring on Earth DPS). Has CC trinket and 900+ MoTriumph. Notes: Between these three and one mule there's nearly 18+ mill in cash between them. The characters also have Might 4, Might and Health 4, Might and Prec 4, Resto and Prec 4, Resto 4 and many other plans. Misc items such as: Exobits Radar Enhancers Compound ATKs and AUXs Support Enhancers Many iconic styles on both toons like Guy Gardner, Deathstroke, etc Account is currently premium and has been inactive since the day Home Turf came out, only have Fight for the Light and Battle for Earth DLC. Serious offers only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.