WTS: High-End 55 PvP/PvE Veteran Asmodian GLADIATOR (Ready to 3.0) EU

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    Armor's PvP Full 50e +10 Plate set: Elite Archon Tribunus's Brestplate +10 (50 lvl abyss) Elite Archon Tribunus's Shoulderplates +10 (50 lvl abyss) Elite Archon Tribunus's Greaves +10 (50 lvl abyss) Elite Archon Tribunus's Gauntlets +10 (50 lvl abyss) Elite Archon Tribunus's Sabatons +10 (50 lvl abyss) *Got 30 pieces L85 stones, so u can enchant to +15 PvE 1) Noble Tac Officer's Plate Set (second condition, unique skin)!! (best PvE armor in game) (with this set you can easy tanking all 3.0 dungeons) 2) Stormwing's Plate Set +Ultimate Plate set's collection Full Anuhart Gladiator Plate set Full Surama Plate set (skins) Full Fenris Plate set (skins) and more... Accessories Full lvl55 Eternal Accessories: Stately Coliseum Champion's Helm (55 lvl eternal) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Necklace (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Earrings 2x (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Rings 2x (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Brigade General's Leather Belt (55 lvl eternal abyss) Weapons PvP Stormwing's Spear +10 (6 slots) combined with Noble Coliseum Champion's Glaive (13% pvp attack) + paralize godstone PvE *Dual wield madness!!! Stormwing's Dagger & Stormwing's Warhammer (the best choice for PvE glad's) (+dmg godstones) Flarestorm's Sword +Ultimate Spear's collection Yamennes' Spear (most rare spear skin in game!!) Vorpal Spear Siel's Dominant Polearm Debilkarim's Spear Fenris's Spear and more... Other Stuff Kinah : 400kk AP : 850.000 Courage Insignia : 8000 (PvP) (in 3.0 = 60lvl eternal 2nd condition arena pvp set inc ) Crucible insignia : 230000 (PvE) Daemon tokens: 90 More than 600kk. in enchant stones (50+ stones from L85 to L107) Have best in game titles: "Fixer" (best PvP title: 2% pvp attack and 2% pvp defence), "Wheeler-Dealer", "Fenris Fang". A bunch of green manastones +150 (attack, crit strike, mag res, mag boost, mag accuracy) With all that stuff and insignias you can take all the new 3.0 arena gears and weapon and make it +10. 5x 30days Gold Packs 10x pvp Arena tickets (2x event boxes) A lots pets, emotes, ballic craft mats, Food/Scrolls/Pots/Candy's etc. Many hats (event's, rare) Dyes: 5x True Black, 5x True White, 5x Green Tea, 5x Deep Blue, 5x Hot orange... Char is pretty female, but also got Plastic Surgery Ticket. Account has 5 twinks 11-45lvl's all twinks got all veteran rewards Ap items, pets, etc ASMO -> PERENTO 200$ - Bank Transfer, WebMoney or Western Union only. (Can not receive PayPal in my country) PM or mail me @ [email protected] for more info, sreenshots, etc. Also we can meet in game face to face and i show you all stuff
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