WTS: [HC] Lvl 83 Summoner Witch

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    WTS my Path of Exile Account with a Lvl 83(71%) Hardcore Summoner Witch as Main Char. 4867 HP (226% Max HP) 2035 Mana (Eldritch Battery) 1074 Armor 13 Refund Points left 80% FireRes 66% ColdRes 60% LightningRes -12% ChaosRes Merciless Difficulty 83% Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance with Purity Aura + Elemental Adaptation Zombies got 18883 HP with 20% Quality Raise Zombie(Lvl 19) and 13% Quality Minion Life(Lvl 19) + 2 Level Minion Gems Helm Lvl 19 Gems:Raise Zombie(20%) Raise Spectre Summon Skeletons Spell Totem Minion Damage Minion Life(13%) Discipline Purity Lvl 18 Gems:Minion Damagex2 Minion Speedx2 Minion Life Reduced Mana Vulnerablity Clarity also using a Lvl 1 Lightning Warp(6%) and got 2 free red socket left Second Weapon Set got Lvl 18 Determination/Added Lightning Damage/Ice Spear/Faster Casting Lvl 17 Wrath Lvl 16 Vitality Gems using 3 HP Flasks one of them with instant recovery also Dispel Burning/Frozen and Immune to Curses 1 Perpetual Granite Flask of Iron Skin 20% Increased Charge Recovery 100% Increased Armor 1 Avenger's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline 22% Increased Runspeed 3 Charges wheen you take a Critical Strike Stash has about ~60 Gems only a few double left some with Quality best 16% Warlords Mark, some Currency some Gear for around 45-55s a Foxshade Queen's Decree and Facebreaker(802% bad rolled) so nothing special at all dont except much of it. This Account also has some other Chars: Lvl 51 Templar(HC) < Cold Lvl 51 Templar(HC) < Fire Lvl 45 Ranger(HC) < Lightning Arrow Lvl 30 Shadow(HC) < Cold Lvl 30 Marauder(HC) < 2H Lvl 64 Summoner Witch(SC) Lvl 61 Summoner Witch(SC) Softcore Stash almost same as Hardcore nothing special at all 10 chaos orbs 11 alchs 2 gcps some gear and gems If you want Screenshots or want to meet me InGame just pm me here or add me in :TheOriginalPainsen Verified PayPal only
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.