WTS: Hard Light DPS/Troll 89 CR+Fire Tank 78 Cr

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    Greetings everyone I Want to sell my DC EU PC Account Side:Heroe's Gender:Female Menthor:Wonder Woman Movement Mode:Flight Hard Light DPS 89 Cr,109 SP,Only 2 DLC Fight For the Light and Last Laugh,Been a Legendary membership for a while so it has some Gold Jewelry,all moded with Precision 4,Full t4 PVE/3 pieces of t4.5 PVE HeadShoulders - Precision/Power 4 Mod,Hands,Shoes,Waist,Back - Precision 4 Mod,Chest/L - Precision Health 4 Mod.1 Pure Precision Gold Necklace,1 Full Precision Gold Ring with Precision 4 Mod,1 Full Might Gold Ring with Prec 4 Mod.In Dps mode she got 756 Precision,1739 Might.Also got Runic Rifle/Runic One Hand/Runic Martial Arts. 5 Pieces of T4 PVP Set,3 Pieces of T3 PVP set,PVP T4 One Hand,all crafted with the same way as PVE gear. Troll Gear - 1 Pure Vita Gold ring with Vita 4 mod,Full Demonic Rune's Set from T4 Operations,T4 Shoes. All crafted,1216 Vita total. Have 2x Trinket Belts 75 Item Level,1 For dps with 4 trinket slots,1 for troll with 2 trinket slots and 2 consumable slots. Fire Tank a Fresh made alt. 64 SP/78 Cr only 1 t4 pve piece(Back) Gold Neck and 1 gold ring. most of the rest items are crappy but the char itself is worth time investing and got some potential Main char also has Future Batman from Iconic Legends and all other Iconic's that are available The reason i got only 1 post on this forum is that im here just to sell my char. I want 50 USD for this account,if you're interested. ADD MY : nesssaj ILL PROVIDE Screen Shots,or will call you and show my desktop how i log in on the char itself,showing all the items that character have. The payment method i prefer is Credit Card Visa/American Express/Master Card or Paypal only,the reason why only these,is i dont really need the money in my pocket,in fact i want to be charged with cash in another game. Feel Free to ask question's.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.