Selling [WTS] [H] Skype Credits [W] CS:GO Skins ( 2:1 Trade )

Discussion in 'Skype Credits - Buy Sell Trade' started by TheCosmicWolf, 12/5/16.

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    I have a bunch of skype credits and would like to trade those credits to csgo skins in a 2;1 Trade
    so if you would send me 5 euro's in CS:GO skins I'll send you 10 Euro's in skype credits.

    Proof :

    gyazo .com/854e8cd6f952cd776b365459eebe6e20

    Skype credits are non-refundable

    gyazo .com/e60602efef3e0bdcdbcbe955745d942e

    As you can see i can only send skype credit in terms of 2, 5 and 10 euro's.
    so round out your cs:go skins

    Add me on steam :

    steamcommunity. com/id/torpedoslo/
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Thread Status:
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