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    [WTS] H-BOT Accounts I want to sell my H-Bot Account. For those who dont know H-Bot Hunter, its a programm running in background controlling your keyboard and Mouse to Hunt Rats. The Bot can make on Belt ratting with a average Ship (Tengu or so) around 30 Million Isk a Hour. And on Anomalie Hunting even more. The Bot is able to: -> Rat and also Chain Belts the way you want -> Fly Anomlies -> Scan for anomlies in one system or even in a Contallation -> Just Autofly with warp to zero -> Loot all rats or just faction and officer -> Store the loot in container or Hangar -> Autorefill ammo Its neraly impossible for reds and neuts to catch the bot if you configure him right, because he will: - just logout if caught in bubble - logout if something runs wrong with the bot himselv - warp to safe and cloak (normal prozedur) Best at all on this bot is that he controlls you mouse and keyboard which makes it looking normal for ccp if they check your client for botting. All in all its the best ratting bot so far and this account will last for lifetime and all comming upgrades are for free. I have 2x Accounts to sell: 1st Account: 1x licence: 3.5b ISK 2nd Account: 2x licence 6b ISK Offical price is 6b ISK / 30€ per a licence. So my discount is almost 50%! For transaction you can even consult a 3rd party service if you like. You will get on Transaction the Bot Accountname and Password and also the Reboot.gr Forum account.
Thread Status:
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