WTS: Great toon 30m sp with 3 remaps and unallocated 3,9m sp

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    Hello this is my toon for sale Ammar/male/Khanid flying caldari ships - commands, HACS ( T2 Fitted ) Has 30,2m sp and 3,9m unallocated 3 remaps and set of +5 implants plugged in, you can decide what it looks like ( avatar creation still available ). Positive sec. status and 7.8 standings to caldari navy so he can do lvl4 missions. More info about skills: Drones 2,6m elec. 2,7m engin. 3,6m gunnery 2,3m leadership 2,5m Missile L.O. 6.5m Nav. 1m science 1m social 1,5m spaceship 5.8m Nighthawk, cerberus and caldari navy hokbill in hangar I can even add some ISK for the beginning If you are interested in more info, pictures or so pls contact [email protected] He is worth about $300 but name your price Best regards
Thread Status:
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