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    Hello there im looking to sell my awsome LOTRO account..this account has VIP til Janaury 29/2012..value $29.95 for the VIP has 4500 turbine Points to spend on rare mounts, wardrobes,expsanion packs..etc..value of turbine points $80.00...this accounts on the Imladris server and comes with 5 awsome characters!!! 1. lvl 46-47 Guardian..(awsome tank)..Names Urgettinabeatin... leader of We Demand Respect..a lifespan 10 kinship with a 20g kinship house and 3 pages of members..Hes got a 8g house full decorated..5 rare mounts..top crafter..westfold prospector..westfold metalsmith and is kindred with the metalsmith crafting guild..all recipes..so making money-GOLD is too easy!!!and is a master tailor as well..Hes got top armor and weapons!!!and as a 120 slot bank..and as 20 different rare wardrobes!!..etc!! 2. lvl 32-33 Lore Master..Names Herecomesabeatin..officer in kinship..75 slot bank..6 different pets to choose from..20 different rare wardrobes..5 rare mounts..Supreme Scholar and high up in crafting guild...Top armor and Weapons..etc.. 3. lvl 21-22 Runekeeper...Names Respect...Officer in Kinship...has the rare Dusky Numblefoot mount..75 slot bank...20 rare pieces of wardrobe top weapon and armor!!!..etc!!! 4. lvl 15-16 hunter...Names Stickittoya...higest lvl crafting..Westfold Forester...Westfold Woodworker...Kindred with the woodworkers crafting guild..75 slot bank..two Mounts!!! etc!!! 5. lvl 11-12 Minstrel Names Savingyouabeatin...Used Mostly for a banker..75 slot bank..2 different mounts!!! This Account is a great account with a large variety of stuff from..top crafters..top pvpers..4500 turbine points too spend on what ever you like..leader of a 3 page kinship..officer role Characters...lots of rare mounts and wardrobes..top housing with lots of vault room..tons of bag and banking vaults room..the list goes on and on!!! If your interested contact me at [email protected] for price or any other questions you my have!!!..this account is VIP status til Janaury 29/2012 package that own is worth $30 dollars and the 4500 Turbine Points are worth $80 dollars alone...this account as a great rep on the server!!!
Thread Status:
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