WTS Good Geared Spiritmaster lvl 55 Perento Asmodian ( 1 2)

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    Hello everyone, I wish to sell my Spiritmaster Spiritmaster lvl 55 with full Fenris set / lvl 40 pvp gear / anuhart gear and all campain quest done. The account is a collectors edition type account with 12 month (more now time of posting) veteran rewards applied to it. It also has a free server transfer already applied to it. You can transfer free to any EU server when liked My Spiritmaster has a pvp set with a few parts to +9 already in the storage. The weapons it uses are the fenris tome merge with a elite lvl 30 pvp tome +5 with a paralyze godstone. As a reverse weapon i have the anuhart jewel with a 1880 damage godstone. The spiritmaster has a hybrid stigma build (pvp dps build, full dot build): Sigil of Silence Body Root Ignite Aether Shackle of Vulnerability Infernal Pain Fear Shriek Cyclone of Wrath Enmity Swap Summon Cyclone Servent Magic Implosion In my bank i have (time of posting) 63.4mil kinah and a total of 30+ major ancient crowns (worth 9.6k ap in core). The account also comes with 4 concentrated drana which at the moment can be sold for more then 17mil a piece. The account also has a pet (griffin) included which detect enemies, produce aether NO DEFAULT IP SET YET FOR THE MASTER ACCOUNT. The buyer will have his IP registered I am able to provide every detail that is needed from master login to secret question to unique id Screenshot details 58555AP Soldier rank4
Thread Status:
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