WTS Good Geared Assassin Lvl 55 Perento Asmodian ( 1 2)

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    Hello everyone, I wish to sell my Assassin Assassin lvl 55 with full Fenris Set / Beshmundir Set Server : Perento Side : Asmodian Fenris Set has full attack 5 socket Beshmundir Set is 5 slots version also socket with full attack 5 The account is a collectors edition type account with 12 month veteran rewards applied to it. It also has a free server transfer already applied to it. You can transfer free to any EU server when liked Included in the printscreen you will find the info. I also have 4 other alts that serve as storage space. Amount of materials on the characters exceeds 10mil kinah. My Assassin is fully equiped in fenris/beshmundir and has both the stormwing dagger set and the stormwing sword set. This is unique in both EU/NA since there is no other sin who has both sets. The Flarestorm dagger is +10 and is the best dagger for assassin In my inventory i have a Dark Dragon's king sword equiped with a paralyze godstone and a +7 archon tribunus's dagger equiped with a silence godstone. Both my dagger(archon tribunus's ) and fenris sword are equiped with a silence godstone. In my bank i have (time of posting) 17mil kinah and a total of 43 major ancient crowns (worth 9.6k ap in core) Also included in the bank are 2 godstone. One paralyze godstone and 1 attack speed reduction godstone. Also i have the full Quickening Doom build (have all stigma's) The account also has a pet (griffin) included which detect enemies, produce aether The account also comes with a free name change ticket Update: NO DEFAULT IP SET YET FOR THE MASTER ACCOUNT. The buyer will have his IP registered My assassin is parked in the perfect gank spot. Above the elyos fort in galkmaros. You can glide to second area from this spot The account comes with the following in storage 6x L70 Enchantment stone 2x L78 Enchantment stone 2x L80 Enchantment stone 1x L82 Enchantment stone 1x L90 Enchantment stone 72x Attack 5 24x Crit Stikre +16 25x Resist Magic +14 3x Dye: True Black, 1x True Red, 3x True white 25 Gold medals 52 Silver medals 31 Platinum medals Godstone: Deltra's Loyalty (read above for godstone effect) Godstone: Suthran's Threat (paralyze godstone) 17million kinah and more Bonus: If you are interested send me a pm. Price is debatable
Thread Status:
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