WTS: Gladiator (Anuhart) and Gladiator/Ranger/Sin/Cleric (Perento) ALL ON SAME ACCOUNT

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    Hello today I have a very interesting offer, it's a huge veteran account with over 2 years worth of veteran rewards. The account is in very good condition and due to education I've been forced to stop playing the game so here it is. Anuhart (Main char): Gladiator LVL 60 +15 Bakarma spear 3x LVL 60 Condi 2 arena parts 2x LVL 55 Condi 1 arena parts Lakhane Karchief Mixed 55-60 Abyss accessories + PVE earring and PVE necklace However I also have: 729, 000 AP in relics 503, 525 AP on char (4 star officer) 52 Mithril Medals 74, 962 Crucible insignias 1, 103 Courage Insignias Fenris set + weapon to use A lot of different mats and fluxes About 7mil in kinah and at least 40-50mil in items including x2 L87 and 1x L88 enchants General godstone 3760 dmg 1% A lot of different mats and fluxes are on the other depot char Crafts: 402 essencetapping, 431 aethertapping, 461 alchemy, 302 tailoring, 310 armoursmithing. Very good looking char with nice nickname so there should be no need for name or appearance changes unless desired. Perento: Assassin LVL 51: +9 Fenris dagger +8 50 non elite AP sword Full attack fenris set Mixed PVE jeweleries Cleric LVL 50 Betoni warhammer 50LVL orichalcum shield 30e +10 set Mixed PVE jeweleries Ranger LVL 56 Tac Officer Flatbow 40e PVP Set Mixed PVP jeweleries Gladiator LVL 55 50e spear LVL 55 condi 2 set 50lvl AP jeweleries + 1x 55 earring 50k crucible insignias, 800 courage insignias Spiritmaster and Ranger LVL 30 Just chars for some fun twinking All of the Perento chars have mixed amount of Insignias/AP that can be used. Each char has a lot of mats and items that can be sold for quite a bit of kinah all together. They were played before 2.7 aion therefore none of these is actually 60 but it would be easy to get 60lvl if needed. I can provide more information if needed. I'm interested in euros/pounds only, please PM me on this web or email [email protected] with offers.
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